Wednesday, June 20, 2012

God Is Real....He Said So..ask Me

when I came to realy know who Jesus was He talked to me and I knew His voice,unlike anything Iv heard b-4,so crisp and clear,warm and not detached,but to the point.....I ask Him 4 so Long how and what do I need to do to get closer to Him and Follow His way's....He said to me oh 6mths later very early in the morning when I awoke at sat on the edge of my seemed like time had stoped...the in the left side of my tempel He spoke these  words to me..DENY YOUR SELF...I realy just was in alllll, then I said thank you and then wounderd as I do....did He say this when time begain or was this like in the right now? I know but thats how I's whats soooo alsome He did talk to me.give me a dirrective and confirmed all in 15 seconds He Lives...any others have a story??